I Specialize in Providing Chimney Cleaning Services!

Do not know how to clean your chimney? If so, do not worry. You can always turn to a professional near you. Home Air & Chimney Service is a reliable company that offers quality chimney cleaning services at affordable rates. I am a preferred name in all Chico, CA because of my exemplary services. I am complete with top-grade equipment to ensure every chimney is cleaned most safely and efficiently possible. Simply let me handle the task so that you can get back to enjoying your chimney.

What’s Required for Chimney Cleaning

The cleaning process for chimneys can be quite laborious and time-consuming. Never clean your chimney on your own. Doing so can lead to more harm than good. It entails removing all the creosote that has accumulated in the chimney and has hardened over the years. It also involves removing all the soot that has been accumulating in the chimney, which can be quite difficult. You don’t want to spend the entire weekend cleaning the chimney. This is why it s important to schedule my cleaning services!

You Can Turn to Us

My reliable cleaning service uses effective, time-tested techniques that allow me to clean chimneys of any size. I start by checking the chimney to determine if it is in good condition. If there’s damage, I will provide solutions to ensure the problem won’t persist. I will then begin the chimney cleaning process. I use special equipment to remove all the soot and creosote from the walls of the chimney and place a special filter on the top of the chimney. I will also inspect the flue to ensure it is free of obstructions and cracks. Once I am done, the chimney will be completely clean and spotless.

Whenever you need quality chimney cleaning services in Chico, CA, you can always trust Home Air & Chimney Service to help you. For inquiries and information, do not hesitate to contact me at (530) 206-0125 right away.